Monday, April 27, 2009

Friday, April 10, 2009

Passenger Press Spring News

Yabbadoo, here we are with a big smile to face the big unlucky italian situation and tragedy. I am personally feeling ashamed to talk about comics and our new releases but the life has to go on and we have to work as normally we do. So for Napoli Comicon - April, 24 to 26 - we will present the first two Passenger Cahiers, a mono art comics serie dedicated to illustrations and sketches by authors from all the world.
The first production of a newer, stronger and bigger Passenger Press-art direction by Marco Andreoletti....stay tuned!
We open the dances with Yan Wei from Beijing, simply amazing chinese young artist, and her painted dolls so innocent and so guilty, and it follows Alexis Ziritt, from Venezuela, that lives in Tampa-Florida, and his wrestling warriors, b-movies zombies and post war lands in guacamole sauce.
Below the two covers of these beautiful cahiers...and some illustrations from these art-notebooks!

We'll wait for you at our stand in La Stanza place into Napoli Castle, in the city centre where will be the comics convention.