Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Passenger Album Limited Edition 2009 PDF and photos.

Here we go with the free pdf of our amazing book, click here to download it....if you like it -no doubts- eh eh, you can buy it writing to us. HERE also the photo pdf to see the book! Enjoy it!

Monday, August 24, 2009

The Passenger Night @ Lago Film Festival 2009 photos & reportage

The experience at this nice and very well organized short movies festival was pretty and superior to my waitings. The presentation of The Limited Edition and the screenings of some of shorts from the dvd during the evening 31, July was introduced by great Alberto "Alpo" of Fumetti in Tv Comics Festival. We were so happy after that we asked to organizer Viviana, very nice and kind, to stay another night to double the success and so it was. Without any polemic, foreign visitors were more curious and open to our news but we have many italian buyers too. Thanx again to all people from LFF. Thanx to the good family guardian of the beautiful place we slept. Thanx to all people who stoped to our table just to talk. On the next year we'd like to come again here and to be more involved into organization. We really like small wery well prepared meetings.
Here is the link of the official site of the LFF.