Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Ossigeno Italiano on Abitare Site

With this Special Issue 45 + 1, Italian Oxygen, Abitare created an award to Italian inventiveness. It will be an annual award aimed at promoting new Ideas and innovative solutions In architecture, design, the arts and the urban environment. The financial prize available will also help publicize and produce a useful, promising and radically new Idea. For the first edition, based on 45 projects selected In 2008, Abitare readers are asked to say which of projects published in this issue they think is the best by voting from this website. Readers can vote until the end of februry 2009 and to vote is easy: just click on one of the stars you’ll find below each article in the category on the left ”Vote for 45 + 1″, according to the valutation you want to assign to the project. You have one possibility to vote for each project. The winner of the 2008 edition will be announced during next year’s Milan International Furniture show, as well as the next edition of the italian oxygen award which has already attracted significant sponsorship and will be judged by a panel of experts.

Vote for The Passenger!
You just have to click on the last fifth star at the end of the presentation
of the project here.

A special thank to Monica Guala of Abitare redaction.
Article posted by Matteo Poli on Abitare site.

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