Saturday, March 14, 2009

BilBOlbul week later thoughts!

Well well well, after one week I can find time and wish to tell you some considerations about the past week-end experience at BilBOlbul 2009 in Bologna. It went good for me, for Passenger Press.
Many people went to our table, asked about our projects and bought a good number of copies. Very important to print other new books. One time more our audience was above all female, happy for this. Women like The Passenger. And The Passenger loves women.
The organization was good, the staff nice and kind, I wanna thank for all Giordana and Emanuele, in particular Cristina Portolano met before in Angouleme. Also thanx a lot to have found a little space for me to make dedicaces on the left side of Brian Talbot. A gentleman.
Because I was alone- and a big embrace to my friend Lucio for his help and encouragement- I couldn't join conferences and artshows. It was a pity and I hope I could see something on next year. For this reason also I couldn't talk and confront to other independent realities, but I can say that either none of them went close to me to exchange experiences, except few of them.
Therefore for another time I am disappointed by individuality of small groups that it seems they are playing for themselves, and if in my mind there is a big wish to open my reality to others, every time I meet such situations, I am always less interested.
And I laugh if someone comes to me to say unity is force.
I wanna talk about L'ora panda, the "fanzine" of a group of strong women with the table on my left. This publication is interesting and naive. It is the start for something new from the experiences of many different personalities, through sketches, drawns and illustrations mixed with thoughts and poetries. I found very interesting pictures by Martina and dreaming drawns by Francesca. Thanx for you friendly mood toward me and if I can suggest you some things, go on with this project, make it bigger, deep and are on the right way. And don't forget to make a site or blog to keep alive and update your works.
Fire it up and in the space again! We'll see on the next comic convention in Napoli.

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allora ci vediamo a Napoli! :D*