Thursday, February 4, 2010

After Angouleme 2010 : a great great festival!

Someone is punching me to steal my books!

The P.A.L.E. 2009 was our bestseller and lot of comics authors and pros gave us compliments for the most beautiful illustrated comics book of the universe! Happy to have found a path for our next books. With Carmelo Calderone, comics artists and Adriano Barone, (script)writer, I spent beautiful days completely immersed in comics festival air of that beautiful French city. We were admitted to the final selection for the ALTERNATEVE BD AWARD and has deservedly won Special Comix No. 3 from China. A big volume of 640 pages! Wow! We have won in terms of sales and we came back happy. There is so much meat on the fire!
I can not thank everyone,
but I want to name a few among young professionals is among the most famous who have shown interest in discussing and cooperate with us: Tim Fish, Laurent Bramardi of Ankama Editions, Raoul Paoli, Angela Heimberg of Comix Shop Basel, Giufà Bookstore in Rome, Elena Barbarich, Marcos of Chili Com Carne, Valentina Principe, Fabio Babich, Lorenzo Paganelli Grifo Editions, Giuseppe Liotti, Thomas of Les Requins Marteaux, Maribel Cabrera of Galeria Pelayo 47 in Madrid, Esther Gasseling of Xtra Editions in Amsterdam, Francois Poisay of Musée d'art contemporain de Bordeaux, Veronica Maiella of Easy Voyage, Ludovic Jacqz, Jamil of C' Est Bon Kultur, Xavier of Timeless Shop, Starsky of Les Editions Méme Pas Mal, Matthias Wivel of comics journal Metabunker, James Moreau and our great italian pros Alessandro Cremonesi, Giorgio Santucci, Elia Bonetti, Michele Duch, Alberto Corradi, Cinzia and Antonio Scuzzarella of 001 Editions, with whom I had dinner and great talks.
We wanna lastly thank all organization of the festival, in particular Philippe Morin and Caroline Brasseur.
We'll be on next year too! Let's see what will happen ,-)!

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alessandro c said...

mitico! il disegno sulla moquette!

E_Bone said...

Grande Christian!!è stato un vero piacere! tuo cinismo è geniale!

Elena said...

Sono stata molto fortuna di averti incontrati! Grazie, e ci sentiamo presto. <3

:A: said...

:A: wuz there.

(Ciao, Ele)

N3B said...

che belliiiii :°°°)
la prossima volta ci voglio essere anche io! assolutamente!
bravi bravi, divulgate il verbooo

the.duch said...

ho riso per 1 ora su "corrado alberti" :D
fa molto regista horror fine anni '70.