Monday, October 11, 2010

The Hunted

Here we are with the new giant book by Passenger Press, a hot and rocking one shot for Lucca Comics and Games 2010. It's a great ( 35 x 50 cm) short graphic novel written and drawn by Eric Bonhomme, an young talented artist from Haiti that studied and lives in Miami.

"Ronin and evil spirits in a fight without mercy narrated with a nervous stretch of painting by Eric Bonhomme. The author decided to start re-reading the comics in the world of swordplay eiga according to his personal sensitivity. Among the horror of Kaneto Shinde and brutality of Hideo Gosha, with dimensions of an epic directed by Akira Kurosawa. Huge size and high-quality paper for an exit that can act as a link between underground and art catalogs."

We are really proud of this new book and we are waiting for you at our boot E 107 pad. Napoleone in Lucca, 29-30-31 October and 1st of November.
The future is indie!


:A: said...


Andrea Mazzotta - ILGLIFO said...

Eccezionale. Sarà mio.

francesco codolo said...

Lo voglio subito

Anonymous said...

fico. non posso fare a meno di pensare all'amato paul pope guardando queste immagini, ma la sensazione vera (ammesso esista un concetto complesso come quello di Verità :)) l'avrò solo una volta che sarà mio...:). a presto!

Adriano (Adrio) Petrucci said...


Apricot said...

AWESOME, Wow this looks so amazing! Look at all of that wonderful merchandise. That book is huge OMG, I want all of it. You guys are truly great!