Monday, June 27, 2011

Working on video....

Yo people, how are u? We are really sorry with our very kind 15 readers for this long periods of silence ... Passenger Press is evolving day by day and on this time we are super busy following our first co-production of a book magazine with an italian movie's reviews site, extremely interesting ( more infos will follow on this screen) and also our first music video production just to confirm our interest toward every type of media expressions. The posted little fragment of video is for Andy Palmer singer from Denver, Colorado, USA. Drop us a line and keep high interest and wide eyes open for next news. Thanx for your lovable attentions to Us. Love you.
Ps And another little new: during the next Lucca Comics and games 2011 in November, Passenger Press will be the first little indie label, I think in the history of this italian comicconvention, to be in partnership with a famous cloth label. Stay tuned!

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